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New Album Coming Soon

It’s been three years since his last full-length album Red Rose (2016), but Pressure Busspipe has been busy touring, building and signing new artists to his label Busspipe Records, and releasing a slew of singles not only in the Reggae genre, but also Soca, Dancehall infused R&B, and Afrobeat. Having found inspiration through his travels and endeavors; and with his desire to both speak on the current state of the world and inspire listeners with his message; Pressure gears up to release his new full-length Reggae album “REBEL WITH A CAUSE” in September 2019. Real, Powerful, Roots, Culture, and Upful are all words synonymous with the feel of this album. Pressure diligently delivers some of his best work both lyrically and musically in “REBEL WITH A CAUSE”, creating an album that truly speaks to the rebel in all of us.   Stay tuned for the official release date and pre-order details for all streaming platforms.   #pressurebusspipe #rebelwithacause #busspiperecords #igraderecords #reggae #rastafari #roots #culture

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