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Pressure Busspipe



Producer, musician, song writer, mix and mastering engineer…


Masai Harris is a full blown musical production suite –in-one.  His work virtually spawns across all genres of music and includes more than a decade of experience.  Labels, artists and musicians alike, come to Masai for more than a hit beat or his unique sound; they come to him because of both his artistry and comprehension with audio.  His newest and hottest works feature Pressure Busspipe’s two recent singles “For You” and “Do It and Done.”

Masai’s humble introduction to the industry begins with self-taught piano and bass in St. Croix, Virgin Islands. Since that quiet start, the native-born Crucian , has since exploded into creating his own production label, The Legion, while engaging opportunities to work with some very popular artists such as Dave East, Scarzeo, Pressure, Torey Lanes, R. City, Yo Gotti, and Verse Simmons; to name a few. Masai draws both inspiration and motivation for his productions and concepts from friends in the industry like Scarzeo, Theron & Timothy and Pressure.  His resume continues to grow as he helps to craft timeless music to our everyday listening.